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Democracy against prejudice and exclusion

Dembra is a programme for schools for the prevention of racism, group-based hostility and antidemocratic attitudes. At dembra.no you will find teaching materials and background information for these topics. The pages can also be used for implementing prevention initiatives at the school.

What is Dembra?

Dembra (Democratic Preparedness Against Antisemitism and Racism) offers development programs for schools and teacher training institutions to prevent prejudice and exclusion. Dembra covers various challenges to democracy, such as racism, islamophobia, antisemitism, hate speech and extremism.

Six centers for peace and human rights in different parts of Norway offer Dembra: The Rafto Foundation in Western Norway, ARKIVET Peace and Human Rights Centre in Southern Norway, Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue in Eastern Norway, Falstadsenteret in Central Norway, The Norwegian Center for Holocaust and Minority Studies (The HL center) in South-Eastern Norway and The Narvik War and Peace Center in Northern Norway. The HL center manages Dembra, offers online courses and is responsible for the cooperation with teacher training institutions (Dembra LU).

Dembra's resources are developed in line with the curriculum and are completely free thanks to our collaborators and supporters

Funded by:

  • Kunnskapsdepartmentet
  • Utdanningsdirektoratet

Peace and human rights centers across Norway offering Dembra:

  • Dembra ved HL-senteret
  • Narviksenteret
  • Dembra ved Falstadsenteret
  • Raftostiftelsen
  • ARKIVET freds- og menneskerettighetssenter
  • Nansen Fredssenter