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Prejudice and Group Thinking

Prejudice is one of multiple terms referring to commonplace mechanisms behind negative attitudes towards different groups. A useful term in this context is "othering", meaning words, actions and processes defining some individuals as part of "the others", and in that way as something different from "we/us". Othering aids us in seeing how what we say and do in everyday life can contribute to some groups becoming more fixed in their position as "the others". Those of us who are repeatedly perceived as "the other" might find this straining. Microaggression and everyday racism are two terms for situations where someone experiences being categorized as "the other".

Awareness around prejudices and othering can help us to avoid discrimination. It could also help us preventing group hostility. Science have shown that individuals with hostile attitudes towards one group, are more likely to be hostile towards other groups as well. Under this topic you can read more about these terms. You will also find more specific tips, activities and teaching plans connected to mechanisms for prejudices.


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45 - 60 min

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30 min

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