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Fact, opinion or prejudice?

Fact, opinion or prejudice?

About the activity


  • The students are able to assess and categorise statements. The students are able to define the terms fact, opinion and prejudice.

In this activity the students are asked to reflect over what is means to refer to facts, state your opinion or express a prejudice.



Write the words fact, opinion and prejudice on the whiteboard. Discuss with the students and arrive at a definition of the three.

Main Section

Each student is given a worksheet on which they must assess 11 statements and tick which type of statement it is: fact, opinion or prejudice?

Worksheet - Fact, opinion or prejudice?

Then ask the students to work in pairs to compare their answers and argue in support of their categorisations based on the definitions agreed by the class in advance.


Sum up in plenary and review at least one statement in each category.